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Fabulous five Curtains

The brisk way to renovate your bedroom is to beautify and adorn them with lavish curtains. Curtains play a vital role in garnishing and trimming your interior. These curtains with pulsating hues and marvellous prints and patterns honour your home with a majestic look. Apart from being a piece of decoration, they adjust and regulate the luminosity of your room too. Market is flushed with a variety of curtains that will surely go with any of your room type be it traditional or modern. Here are five most popular curtains that you will surely love:

Eyelet Curtains - Simple and elegant

Eyelet Curtains are popular for their graceful, refine and minimalist look. The metal holes called eyelets and a metal rod furnish them a modern and chic impression. Eyelet Curtains are available in plenty of colours and patterns but look extremely marvellous with plain tinted fabric.

Pencil pleat Curtains- Attractive and versatile

Pencil pleat curtains have lined drape that collect at the top with uniformly spaced pleats. They are accessible in wide range of diverse styles and colours that compliments any decor and offer a welcoming feeling. These curtains are superb in creating a warm, cosy and soothing aura. They are well known for their insulating power and are extensively used in bedrooms and lounge. Besides being showy, they are outstanding in proving a relaxing and cosy ambience.

Thermal lined Curtains- Economical and stylish

If your electricity bill is causing distress, then try replacing your ordinary curtains with thermal lined ones. They are incredibly economical as they keep you warm in winter by trapping the sunlight and cool during summers by reflecting the hot rays. Thus, thermal lined curtains save your money by minimising the use of furnace in winters and air conditioner in summers. Lined curtains have the ability to enliven any dull looking room as they are available in array of jovial colours and sumptuous patterns.

Tape Top Curtains: Traditional and graceful

Tape top curtains have tape flowing along the top with numerous rows of string. You can easily pull the string to collect the curtain at one place and then push hooks through the tape. The Tape top curtain drops in finely refined pleats giving your room an imperial look.

Triple Pinch pleat: Gorgeous and formal

Triple pinch pleat is also known as French pleat. With highly uniformed spaced pleat, it bestows a perfect formal look. When open, they furnish an orderly and striking stack to the sides giving your room a tidy look. Triple pinch pleat are mostly used in dining room or at formal places.

Decorative and trendy curtains add aroma to your interior. Consider the quality of fabric and thread count before you buy them. Ensure you have a right measurement for a perfect look. For exclusive and quality curtains visit beddingmill.com and grab them at very nominal prices.

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