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The world has noticed a significant dramatic change in home decor from past few years. Earlier home was just a place where people take rest and live with their family. But now, the old concept has radically changed to the new notion, where everything is fresh, magnificent and artistically placed to bring out the best in home decor. Even our bathrooms have become more of fashion icon and style statement and so are our towels.

Gone are the days when you carry a dull, droning and monotonous towel to your bathroom. Now, towels are stylish accessories that can entirely revamp the essence of your bathroom and that too in a very economical way. Towels are present in ample of designs, fabrics, colours and sizes to complement any type of bathroom, be it modern or traditional. Before investing in luxury towels, consider few things that will surely help you:

Quality Material

Mostly people get fascinated by the outer appearance, colour and design of the towels. They usually ignore the kind of fabric used which is the most essential part of it and should be chosen after careful consideration. Rough and low quality fabrics towels torture your delicate skin after a nice bath.

Cotton towels are damn popular for its absorbing power, softness and high durability. They are cheap and affordable and give your skin a smooth touch. Admired for their softness, Egyptian cotton towels pamper you with their soft, silky and smooth fibres. They grant you luxurious feeling that most towels fail to give. Egyptian cotton fabrics are incredibly delicate, fluffy and bestow minimal shrinkage. The salient feature of Egyptian cotton towel is that it gets softer with regular use and its fibre has high capability to absorb your dampness. Though Egyptian cotton towels are somewhat pricey, but if you care for your skin do buy them. High quality towels worth every penny and are kind to your skin.

The hues of happiness

Towels are readily accessible in variety of striking and vibrant colours to make any dull bathroom more appealing. Add vibrancy to your bathroom with sparking bright and bold colours like red, blue, green and so on. These delightful bright colours infuse life to your dull bathroom by adding tinge of contrast. Fetch subtle pinch to your bathroom with neutral colour towels. A neutral colour towels offer a very neat, tidy and refine look. That is the reason why they are mostly preferred in luxurious hotels. Choose according to your choice and add chick to your bathroom.

Flaunt style with patterned towel

Towels are available in ample of designs and patterns. From floral prints to stripes to animated prints, they are obtainable in array of styles. Your kids will surely love these animated prints. These superb prints and patterns embellish your bathroom and force you to adore them. Add few modish and fabulous patterns to your bathroom and give it an extraordinary look.

Size of towel

Hand towels and wash cloth are small sized towels whereas bath towels and bath sheets are comparatively larger. Bath towel is medium sized and bath sheets are of full length. Choose according to your need.

Towels play a vital role in adding theme to your bathroom. Before your shop, consider its thread count value. Higher the thread count superior will be the quality of fabric and vice versa. Ensure the weight of towel also because heavy towel absorb water quickly and are durable.

Dry off in ease with any of our lavish and magnificent towels. In case you are searching for the best towels, visit and add classy aura to your bathroom.


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