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Toy Stuffing/Fibre Filling

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Toy Stuffing/Fibre Filling

Checklists before you buy soft toys

Everybody is fond of Soft toys for its cuteness and charm. Be it a sweet little kid, a young teenager or a fully grown adult, soft toy are liked and loved by all age group. They might look cute, delightful and adorable externally but their rough internal Stuffing may not give a pleasing experience to your child. There are several fillings which are toxic, are too hard or contain harmful chemicals which could risk your child’s health. Following are the various types of fillings in accordance to their level of softness:

Polyester toy filling: Soft and lavish

Toys stuffed with polyester are extremely soft, lavish and highly durable. Polyester is the excellent and most popular material for toy stuffing. The eminent feature of polyester toy filling is its light weight and fluffiness that makes it perfect for small children toys, and especially that of baby toys. Moreover, they are machine washable and easy to clean.

Kapok toy stuffing: Silky and lustrous

Kapok is a natural fibre obtained from kapok tree. Its fibres are glossy, yellowish brown and silky. Toys stuffed with Kapok are extremely smooth, delicate, and downy. The eminent feature of kapok stuffing is that they are hypo allergic and resist clumping. Kapok is a natural substitute for polyester but due to the easy availability of polyester and cheap rate, kapok is losing its popularity.

Bamboo toy stuffing: antibacterial and eco friendly

Bamboo toy stuffing are very soft and gives a smooth touch to your child. They are 100% organic and good for your kid’s skin as it does not contain any toxic chemicals. Its antibacterial property protects your child from various types of allergies and diseases.

Cotton toy stuffing: fluffy and eco friendly

Cotton is a natural fibre, eco friendly and biodegradable. Cotton toy stuffing are very soft, smooth, and light in weight. Toys stuffed with cotton are also highly durable but are not much handy as compared to polyester stuffed toys. They are toxic free and best suited for infants.

Wool toy stuffing: Natural and elastic

Toys crammed with wool are dense, elastic and highly durable. They are usually used in the stuffing of oversized soft toys with thick surface area. Wool toy stuffing are not suitable for very small children as it contains dense fibres. Moreover, they are not machine washable because the wool shrivel, becomes uneven and clump together.

Next time when you make up your mind for purchasing attractive and sumptuous soft toys, do check the type of stuffing to ensure good health of your kids. For high quality and eco friendly stuffing, visit www.beddingmil.co.uk

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