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How to order

You can either order by creating an account (recommended) or alternatively use express checkout for ordering products at BeddingMill.

Creating an account (recommended)

It only takes few minutes to create an account and you can track your order from the time you have placed it. No need to enter billing or delivery addresses again and again. No more worrying about your payment details being saved anywhere. Just hassle-free and secure shopping experience with complete peace of mind.

There’s one more benefit with making an account. You can take advantage of time to time promotions, offers and vouchers that are offered to account holders only.

Using Express Checkout

If you’re in a bit hurry and won’t prefer to make an account, there’s no need to worry at all as you still be able to make a secure purchase with BeddingMill. Once you’ve placed an order and entered your details, you’ll get an order conformational email. Before proceeding to the checkout you’ll be able to review and make the amendments to your orders if you feel so.

Bedding Mill
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