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Mattress Toppers

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Mattress Toppers

All about Mattress toppers and protectors

A Mattress is an essential component of a bed over which we usually lay or sleep. A dirty and unclean mattress gives invitation to several diseases like skin infection and various allergies etc. Mattress toppers and protectors shield the person from injurious microscopic allergens and irritants like bed bugs, dust mites etc. There are several types of mattress toppers and protectors to safeguard you. This article encloses some of the special features and types of mattress toppers and protectors.

Some popular mattress toppers:

Mattress topper is a cover that protects the top part of your mattress. It either envelops the whole mattress completely or just covers the surface of it. They are available in ample of designs and materials, having diverse uses and functions.

Feather and down mattress toppers

If you want to add extra softness to your mattress then feather and down mattress toppers are an excellent pick for you. Due its breathable property, it tends to keep the body at optimal temperature. Down mattress toppers offers you dry and comfortable sleep by keeping away extra moisture. It is not advisable for those who are allergic to feathers as this can enhance their allergens. Moreover, they are difficult to handle and are not machine washable as feathers form a clump and become uneven and uncomfortable to sleep.

Memory foam mattress toppers

Memory foam mattress toppers grants you incredible warmth and support. If you are craving for blissful and cosy sleep then you should definitely go for memory foam mattress toppers. They are fabulous for those people who suffer from headaches, back and shoulder pain. The spectacular feature of a memory foam mattress topper is that it can quickly respond to heat of your body, making mattress to reform itself according to the structure of your body. Being highly durable, they are handy and machine washable too. They are hypo allergic and best for allergy sufferers.

Wool mattress toppers

The amazing feature of wool is its heat regulation property. It manages your body temperature and keeps you cool during summers and warm in winters. They are highly popular among consumers due to its resistant property towards bed bugs and dust mites. It gives your mattress, an extra layered softness and splendid warmth. Though, these toppers are slightly expensive, but it’s highly durable property makes them demanding and popular.

Some well known mattress protectors

A mattress protector is a kind of removable bedding that gives an additional film of protection between your fitted sheet and mattress. Some shield the mattress from dust mites and bugs while others are excellent material for guarding against fluid.

Basic mattress protectors

Basic mattress protectors are very much similar to fitted sheets. It protects your mattress from everyday dirt, stain and scratches but is not waterproof. Basic mattress protectors are simplest and cheapest of all the mattress protectors.

Waterproof mattress protectors

Water proof mattress protectors are soft, breathable and are made from water proof material. Hence, protect your mattress from various unintentional spills, bed wetting, pets and perspiration. They are best for limiting the growth of mould and shield your mattress from bad odours. If you have small children, then you should definitely go for waterproof mattress protectors.

Dust mites and bed bug mattress protectors

These mattress protectors are made up from polyester and are hypo allergic. Such mattress protectors are beneficial to those who suffer from severe allergy and asthma. They completely enclose the mattress and prevent mites and bugs to pass through them. Hence, bestow full protection.

Mattress toppers and protectors are vital for every home. Hunt for material that are breathable, soft and machine washable. Sleep well and carefree with our high quality mattress toppers and protectors. Browse at www.beddingmill.co.uk and furnish your bed with finest toppers and protectors.

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