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Why Mattress protectors are vital for your mattress

Most of us are sick and tired of buying a new mattress alternatively every year because it get stained and tear with the course of time. It is too worthless to spend huge bucks on it unnecessarily, rather go for mattress protectors and bump up the life of your mattresses. Mattress protectors completely envelop your mattress and protect it from various dirt, allergens, bugs and mites.

There are several types of mattress protectors available in market, each having different benefits. Glance at some of them and realise the importance of buying these protectors.

1) Protects you from dangerous bugs, mites and allergens

Though these bugs, mites and allergens are very small in size yet they can harm you in numerous ways. Bugs are a small parasite which feed on your blood, making you ill and unhealthy. Dust mites are very harmful to your body. The microscopic allergens present on your mattress are the major cause of asthma and allergies and should be taken care of. These mattress protectors envelop the mattress completely, protecting you from the attack of these small creatures. Cotton made mattress protectors shield you from mites and allergens. Polyester made mattress protector guards you from bugs as they fail to bite and penetrate through synthetic material.

2) For a dry and clean mattress

Excess humidity is the major cause of uncomfortable sleep. Mattress protectors shelter you by adjusting your body temperature and moisture, providing you dry and comfortable sleep. Some Water proof mattresses protectors are made up of soft, breathable and waterproof material. Hence, it takes care of your mattress from various unintentional spills, bed wetting, pets and perspiration. They are awesome in limiting the growth of mould and shield your mattress from bad odours. If you have small children, then you should definitely go for waterproof mattress protectors.

3) For superfluous comfort, support and serene sleep

Mattress protectors crammed with goose down provide ultimate support, softness and comfort. Besides protecting from microscopic creatures, they add additional layer of comfort to your mattress. They are also beneficial to people suffering from back and neck pain.

4) Adds life to your mattress

Mattress usually gets worn out in span of time. High quality mattress protectors grant new life to your mattresses. Apart from protecting your mattress from various stains, fluids and dust, they enhance the longevity of your mattress too. Financially, it is much better to buy a mattress protector rather than going for new mattress every year, which is heavy investment.

5) Safeguard your mattress from stains

Sometimes removing permanent and dark stains from your mattress can be very tiring and time taking too. The best way to protect your mattress from such stains is using mattress protectors.

Mattress protectors are wonderful solution to Dust mites, bugs, allergens and liquid spill that are major enemies of your mattress. Before investing in mattress protectors, ensure you choose the right pore size, material and thread count. To shop for high quality mattress protectors, peek at and give your mattress a long life.


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